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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is the Marriage Checkup really free of charge?

Answer:  Yes it is!  This is a service we provide to the community.  It gives our graduate school interns a really great opportunity to build their assessment skills.  It is also a great way to give back to the community we love and serve.

Question:  Do we have to be married or can we be in another form of a committed relationship to participate in the marriage checkup?

Answer:  While we recognize that relationships come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the marriage checkup is designed specifically to be used as an assessment for married couples.  Length of marriage is not a factor (6 months married or 50 years married can participate) but the couple must be married to complete the marriage checkup.

Question:  I am very happy in my marriage relationship.  Could this still benefit me?

Answer:  Yes!  The marriage checkup is a great opportunity for ANY marriage.  It can benefit new marriages, marriages with challenges, or marriages that are in great shape.  This checkup will celebrate what you are doing well and highlight any possible areas of growth.  It can help strengthen any relationship.

Question:  Is there any commitment required?

AnswerNo, there is absolutely no commitment required.  This is just an assessment to determine strengths your marriage has and areas that could be improved.

QuestionCan I begin marriage counseling after the checkup?

AnswerYes you can begin marriage counseling after your checkup if you and your spouse would like.  Our interns offer marriage counseling sessions for $50 per session.  

QuestionDo we need to come into the office for the marriage checkup?

AnswerMarriage checkups can be done in-person in our Orem, Utah office OR they can be done online via secure video from your home anywhere in the state of Utah.

QuestionHow do I schedule a marriage checkup?

AnswerYou can call or text our scheduling line at (801) 845-4406 or email  Andrea, our scheduler, will let you know what times are available and will work with you to schedule a time that fits your needs.  Our graduate student therapist interns that conduct these marriage checkups are Michael Lowe, Ernest "Nui" Silva, and Skyler Anderson.  You can read about them on the Therapist's page on our website.

Marriage Checkup

The Marriage Checkup is an assessment developed by The Gottman Institute.  It is a three part assessment. 

*Part one is a variety of standard assessments you will complete individually.  This can be done from home at your convenience or it can be completed at the office. 


*Part two is called "The Oral History Interview".  This is a 60-90 minute sit down interview with your spouse and conducted by your therapist.  Your therapist will ask you questions about how you met, how you've grown as a married couple, etc. 


*Part three is called the feedback session.  In this 60 minute session you will sit down with your therapist and your therapist will give you feedback on your relationship based on the assessments and the oral history interview.  Your therapist will identify strengths you have as a couple as well as areas you may want to work on.  Similar to going to the doctor yearly for a "checkup" and dealing with issues while they are small, the marriage checkup gives you a great picture of your "marital" health.

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